Have you ever Googled yourself? Or someone else? It’s surprising how much information we give away online without realising.

And then there are the the conspiracy theories about adverts appearing online after you’ve been talking about something. Don’t worry, it’s just that they are REALLY good at profiling you and delivering targeted ads.

A huge number of devices and apps constantly send back telemetry data to their manufacturers, most of which we have no access to and no way of knowing what is in it. We can often disable this telemetry data without affecting functionality, using a pi-hole adblocker with a custom set of rules.


Some websites are full of adverts to the point of distraction. There are many ways of blocking intrusive ads, from browser plugins to adblockers like pi-hole, and certain VPN services. We can give you some guidance on what should work best for you if you want fewer ads in your life.


Another benefit of running a pi-hole on your network is that it can reduce the risk of you falling victim to malware and scams, because it can block access to many known sources.

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